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416 North Highway 67, Cedar Hill TX 75104-2135

Tel: 972-291-7999

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SUN-THUR: 11:00 -10:00
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Title: Thanks!!!!!7/28/2010 5:45:55 AM
Thank you Thank you Thank you...for locating your restaurant south of Downtown Dallas. We need good food in this area too. I simply LOVE your restaurant. Please Please keep up the good work.
Title: Akita is the best7/28/2010 5:43:08 AM
My family and I have always been a big fan of Benihana's. My children now say Akita is better than Benihana's. The food and service is excellent. The portions per meal and the cost are GREAT!!!! Please don't change anything we love you just the way you are.
Title: Love it7/23/2010 7:10:49 PM
I am so happy to have a Hibachi spot in Cedar Hill. I love the rice! wasn't a fan of Sushi but i love it here.
Title: My awesome experience7/20/2011 1:41:49 PM
My mother and I are not from Dallas, but we came up here for a doctors appointment. We had our heart set on sushi and we happened to see your restaurant. Lori was our server. She was AMAZING! She recommended the shaggy dog and we were very impressed with her choice. As a fellow server I know that it takes a special kind of person to do this job. She was wonderful and we will be coming back very soon with more people! Tell Lori thank you very much and we appreciated her menu knowledge and pleasant attitude.
Title: Yum!7/2/2010 5:40:59 PM
Delicious sushi at a great price!
Title: Ms. Cathy Brooks7/1/2014 5:17:17 PM
I visited your restaurant for the first time on June 22. Our receipt says we left at 3:18. My friends and I had the most wonderful time. One of the ladies in our party is deaf and has not been very cheerful for awhile. The Hibachi Chef that prepared our meal made her feel like the most wonderful person in the world. We are a group of 6 ladies who worship together at church. One of the ladies suggested that we come to Akita as a way of cheering our friend up. Our experience surpassed any expectation that I could have had. Unfortunately, I did not get his name. His son is studying at UTD, if that helps. Please, commend him. I am telling everyone about this wonderful person and wonderful man. Cathy Brooks
Title: We suffered a stomach ache all night and so far the entire next day6/27/2015 6:50:40 PM
Our first visit was good so we decided to come back. Unfortunately, this time the service was not that great and the waitress forgot our soup and salad. The worst part of all was our family having a stomach ache that night and so far all the next day. Something was not fresh and now we get to deal with the consequences.
Title: i tried to order today but phone bisy6/24/2011 1:59:27 PM
I was trying to call in an order but the phone was bisy for about a hour.. If u could would u set it up where we can order online and by phone..
Title: seriously bad experience on 6/18/20136/18/2013 7:48:00 PM
I called the day before and ask for a reservation for 8 the following evening and was told no reservation was needed. I still gave a heads up with the time and number in the party. Upon our arrival we were greeted by very inexperienced order taking. Followed by a man who never spoke or smiled. He wore a bandage on his face. His manner of leaving the trash bowl in front of the guests and cleaning the grill in a manner that was not appetizing left much to be desired. He did not display the cool knife tricks but rather tapped his way around the grill. At one point he pulled out a rubber doll and urinated on the food. Nothing this man did left us with a good feeling. The final blow was when the man carrying the to go boxes began asking if we were ready to leave. The third time he ask us I finally told him he was rushing us as we had just gotten our food. Our arrival time was 6:45 and there was both other guests still eating as well as empty tables. Our son in the Army was home on leave for only three days so his brothers drove from out of town to see him and truthfully if it were not for the happy conversation they had in the parking lot the whole night would have been a horrible mistake. I would say this by private email but found no place to do that. This is not our first trip and the other times we were there were very nice. I do not think we will be back.
Title: 6/16/2014 1:03:16 AM
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